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For Parents

I am the mother of two beautiful girls. It goes without saying, as a parent I want to provide an environment for my daughters to succeed. For them to be happy, confident, feel a sense of worth and belonging, understand their culture. Ultimately I want them to have the best possible platform in life to reach their full potential whatever that may look like.

Like any parent I worry about them. Are they coping at school? Are they coping in the wider world? There are so many pressures in the lives of our young people today, be it social media, bullying, mental health issues and achieving at school to name a few. As a parent, I question how can I support them through this and help them solve their problems, when often I find I don't understand the new ways of doing things and new technology that is their world.

Underneath it all I want them to be is happy. Where is the instruction manual for bringing up daughters in this ever-changing world?

Having worked with young people for the past 20 years the thing that concerns me the most is the dropping number of young women participating in sport and recreation activities. Scaringly, researchers have been releasing alarming statistics about New Zealand youth that don't paint a pretty picture.

How Do We Make Our Girls Happy?

There is a huge amount of research that tells us that there is a connect between physical activity and several of the issues we are seeing today

The HERA - Everyday Goddess has been created around finding out the needs and wants of girls by listening to them. We then do our best to create a safe environment that empowers them to understand the importance of physical activity, the impact it has on their lives and how it supports them to develop and become happy and confident women.

HERA - Everyday Goddess aims to meet the physical activity and emotional needs and wants of our 10-18-year old’s. Your daughter needs your support in this journey to become more physically active.

My dream is to create a world where there are no barriers for my two daughters, or any girls, to participate in any thing they choose to do. They are proud to be a girl and achieve as a girl. Whether they choose to dress up and dance together in the backyard, go to Girl Guides, go for a walk as a family, or play a game of basketball, I don’t care I will always support them. If you would like any further information, please feel free to contact me.

Jacqui Johnston
Project Manager, HERA - Everyday Goddess

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