HERA – Everyday Goddess is an initiative that celebrates girls as girls through being physically active.


    It’s about knowing, as a girl, that what drives you to be physically active is unique to you – and HERA celebrates that! It’s also got tips and tools for parents, teachers and coaches; all designed to get girls engaged in physical activity.


    So girls, lace up those shoes, tie up that hair, hold your head high and be the everyday goddess you are by being active YOUR way – HERA is here to celebrate and support you.


    Hera is the Goddess of Olympians – a prominent and strong goddess in Greek mythology. The name was chosen by girls involved in this project because it captures the sense of empowering females to be more confident and more active.


    Everyday Goddess relays a sense of positive self-worth and reinforces that all girls have the right to be celebrated for being active.


    The wings symbolise super-heroines. They represent the transformation from the everyday girl to the everyday goddess.

  • Empowering girls to be active!