Ala Vailala

Ala plays sports in winter and summer, and even if it seems scary, she believes you have to get out of your comfort zone sometimes cause you might just find something that you love.  She embraces fear and uses it as an opportunity to challenge herself further – a truly brave girl! 

What physical activities do you currently do? 

I play netball socially in winter, and during summer play water polo and cricket. I also take part in the weekly HERA activity at my school

What advice would you give girls looking to get physically active? 

Don’t be afraid to try new things and step out of your comfort zone. I speak from experience; I was never confident in the water and didn’t enjoy swimming, but when my science teacher suggested I join the school water polo team I gave it a shot – now I love swimming and anything water related

I became a qualified pool lifeguard and if it wasn’t for joining water polo, I wouldn’t have discovered my passion for the water, and wouldn’t be where I am now

What do you think would make more girls take up sport and recreation? 

Motivation.  Motivate each other – get other girls who come from a similar background to you, to take part in sports or activities with you.  I’d hope that would create a comfortable environment where girls would be more likely to commit to the sport

Are there any sports/recreation activities you’d like to try? 

I’d really like to give surfing another go.  I went out once with people who were already experienced, and they raced ahead of me and I was left behind in the shallows with other non-surfers. 

I’d also like to try squash – a sport I am not so familiar with, but I think I’d enjoy if I got the opportunity to learn about it

Rock climbing – I have a horrible fear of heights, but I am all for getting over fears, so I’d like to challenge myself with taking that on