Amber Clyde

What physical activities do you currently do?
I currently spend a lot of my time skateboarding! When I’m not running classes for girls, I spend most of the day at the skate park! When the weather is nice, I usually go down at 11am and don’t leave until after 6!
Occasionally, I train at a mixed martial arts gym to increase my balance and hand eye co-ordination. Having a regular fitness plan to do at home for 20 minutes also helps to keep me active during winter time!

What does it mean to you to be physically active?
To be physically active, to me means having an activity that you enjoy that works your muscles and requires energy that gets you moving regularly. Therefore keeping you fit and healthy!

What advice would you give girls looking to get physically active?
Find something that inspires you, something that gets you excited and motivates you to improve. If you don’t enjoy the activity you’re partaking in, you may not progress or stick with it. A lot of things start out a bit tricky, but with practice everything becomes a lot easier and more enjoyable. Plan out some short term, and long term goals. Imagine yourself achieving them, and before you know it, you’ll be doing it!

What do you think would make more girls take up sport and recreation?
Having a safe, warm and welcoming environment to start out and learn in helps with increasing skill set and confidence levels which girls can take with them in the future. This also helps by having girls with a similar interest together in the same environment, which can help inspire and motivate while forming friendships at the same time.

How do we make it fun for girls to be physically active?
It helps to be surrounded by passionate people who can inspire you to better yourself. Also, having goals to help you progress in your chosen activity increases motivation. Start by having short term and long term goals, then break it down into a step by step plan. Ensure you reward yourself after achieving them!

Are there any sport and recreation activities you’d like to try?

I would love to learn how to ride a motorbike and get into motocross riding! That looks super fun. I would also love to get more into surfing! I’ve been a few times, but not since I’ve been skateboarding so much. I feel that skateboarding and surfing have similar aspects, but the ocean is such a beautiful place to enjoy that.


    Imagine yourself achieving them, and before you know it, you’ll be doing it!

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      Never give up is Amber’s motto 😊

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