Courtney Duncan


World MotoX rider Courtney Duncan is a HERA Ambassador that loves to get out there and make her sport her own!

Courtney has been riding a motorbike since the age of 7 when her parents bought one for her and her brother to share and has absolutely loved it since. Now considered one of the world’s best, she’s out there playing by her rules in a sport that is like no other.

But its not all about engines for Courtney. When she’s not on the motor bike she’s equally at home on a push bike, enjoying cycling with her friends in her time off from her busy training schedule.

Courtney’s hustle is proving to people that she can achieve anything she wants and no one will stop her. With that hustle we bet it won’t be long till we see Courtney’s next goal achieved.

What does it mean to you to be physically active?

It means I get to do something that I love to do. Being a girl in sport the best thing is being able to achieve something that people don’t think is possible of you.

What do you get out of being active in your own way?

The biggest reward I get from my sport is falling and getting back up. Overcoming a challenge or something that isn’t easy to go through drives me.

What advice do you have for girls to show their hustle?

Simple; go out, give it a go, and have some fun while you’re at it!


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