Hinemoa Watene

17 year old up and coming women’s rugby star Hinemoa Watene shows her HERA Ambassador hustle through her actions on the rugby field.

The hot footed winger is never far from the action as she gets stuck into it with rugby 15s and 7s. Outside of rugby you’ll find Hinemoa on the squash court representing her school.

Watch out for Hinemoa as she continues to show the world her hustle as she represents New Zealand at the Youth Olympics later in the year.


What does it mean to you to be able to get your hustle on?

I absolutely love being active! It’s important because it sets me off on good stead for the day. I believe by having a fit body I can also have a fit mind.


What advice would you give girls to start getting their hustle on?

Find something that you enjoy or are passionate about doing. That is why I play sports as it is my passion.


What do you think would make more girls become active?

Trying to destroy the stigma surrounding the idea that females cannot participate or be sporty. Females are just as active as guys and just as deserving to participate and enjoy sports.


How do we make it fun for girls to get there hustle on?

Provide more social activities for girls to participate in. there is no need to just focusing on competitive sports.


Are there any sports/recreation activities you’d like to try?

I would love to try out Waka Ama and play more Squash


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