Jessica Manchester

Don’t blink because you might miss HERA Ambassador Jessica as she races past on her mountain bike. Afraid of nothing, she’s jumping, pedaling and racing down mountains as a HERA girl just like you.

Originally getting into cycling as a fun activity, Jessica is now a lover of all things on a mountain bike and competes both nationally and internationally. Her hustle involves taking part in Cross Country, Enduro and Downhill Mountain Bike racing but also enjoys time in the the gym or just getting out and going for a run to clear her head. Find out more about Jessica below!

What does it mean to you to be active?

It means I am fit and healthy – if I am fit and healthy I’m happy which means everyone around me can be happy too. It also helps me to be confident within myself.

What advice would you give girls looking to get active?

Don’t think of getting active as hard work, because it’s not. You can be physically active and have the time of your life doing it, being active is just about getting out there, expressing yourself and having fun while pushing your limits.

What do you think would make more girls be active?

If we start getting more girls involved in sport or just being active then more girls will follow.

We need to highlight the fun aspect as well as the challenging aspect to girls. Get them having a fun social time while doing so as well – that’s how it all starts!

How do we make it fun for girls to be physically active?

It needs to be social. If girls have their friends around while trying new things they will be more comfortable and confident in trying new things, we don’t like being alone. Hold more events which encourage girls to go with friends and have fun together.


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