Kiwis love to spend time in, on and around the water. Kayaking (or canoeing) in one form or another has always been part of our culture. And the great thing is it’s a low impact, cost effective way to enjoy the outdoors, meet people, get fit and have fun!

Why is it good for me?

Kayaking appeals to all ages and abilities and as it doesn’t require a huge team to get started, you can turn up on your own, or with a friend, to any of our clubs around the country to see what it’s all about. Kayaking will build strength and fitness in a fun environment. It gets you back to nature and allows for those that just want to paddle for fun and those that want to compete. If competing is your thing, then we offer local and national opportunities to compete as well as a high performance pathway to the Olympics. There are a range of boats to paddle including K1s (on your own), K2s (with a friend) and K4s (four to a boat) which can be a huge amount of fun.

How much will it cost me?

Our clubs will all be happy to let you come down and give it a go before signing up. Membership fees vary from club to club. Once you decide to join the club there will be an annual membership fee and costs around travelling to competitions if you wish to do that.

What do I need to paddle?
The main thing will be to come along with a positive attitude. You will need warm, comfortable sports clothing like lycra pants and a polyprop (depending on the time of year) but the club can advise you on that. All equipment will be provided by the club – kayak, paddle, life jacket. 

More Information

To see a list of clubs, visit the site below!


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