Keeping active with a busy life – Claudia Kelly

Sometimes we feel as though we have no time to get out and about. It can be hard – I get it. Exercising can become an afterthought when we are faced with massive amounts of schoolwork and other hobbies.  

BUT exercise plays such an essential role in relieving stress and is vital in keeping a healthy body and mind. You can even include exercise as part of your study routine by having 30-minute breaks where you can go and be active. 

Research shows that exercise can actually help us with homework and study! Check out this Study Right article for how exercise increases your energy levels and allows you to focus more clearly on your studies. 

Working out or keeping active doesn’t need to be complicated. A simple 30-minute walk/run, bike ride, or even a home workout can provide the benefits of exercise. You can easily increase your energy levels when you can’t get to the gym or pool.  

“See the bright opportunity in each new day!” – Claudia Kelly 

I aim to be a bit creative when it comes to my daily dose of activity. For example, during lunchtime at school, I used to sit with my friends talking or on social media. Now, our school Sports Council organises weekly activities that are free so we can enjoy Zumba, yoga and any of the other activities they offer. Everyone who comes has so much fun and leaves feeling both mentally relaxed and physically energised. We’ve made use of the wasted lunch hours on our phones and replaced it with a fun, energising mental break for everyone to get involved in! 

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