Keeping on track with Courtney Duncan

Throughout my career, I have aimed for a healthy life balance with training. It’s not always easy given I need to put 100 percent into training and often it takes over the other areas of my life.

Although the juggling act can be challenging, it is
vital. I’ve learnt through years of doing sport professionally that it’s good
to have a life outside of your sport as well. Personally, I enjoy taking time
from training to hang out with my friends and family and enjoy other
activities. Getting myself away from the track every so often allows me to feel
refreshed and ride better. 

Working hard at training is always a priority and I
try to work to the best of my ability every session. There is no substitute for
hard work in any sport, however, maintaining a balance between that and life away
from the track helps me achieve the best results possible.

It’s easy to get caught up in the training and forget about the journey we are on. It’s important to remember that this is a profession, and, like a day job, everyone needs time away at some point – so make sure you also take the time out to look after yourself.

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