Naz Spencer

HERA ambassador, Naz Spencer, has always participated in sport and loves it! Naz’s main motivation stems from being able to spend time with friends whilst getting active and feeling good. Working in the health and fitness industry from the age of 20, she decided to start her own health and fitness training facility, Inlife Fitness, where she can help as many people as she can to lead a happy and healthy life.

What physical activities do you currently do? Currently I’m doing strength training or a circuit workout  in the gym a few times a week, running outside, deep water running at a pool once a week and a mixture of activities like walking, kicking and passing a ball around, swimming, cycling or something adventurous with my family.

What does it mean to you to be physically active?

I cannot imagine not being able to do something physically active on a daily basis! As I always feel energized mentally, physically and emotionally after a good workout or getting outside in the nature for a run around. It helps me to sleep better and I’m less grumpy once I have burnt some energy off and have some feel good hormones running through my system. So physical activity means a better and healthier version of me!

What advice would you give girls looking to get physically active? 

Think of what activity you like doing, ask around amongst your friends or family to see if they would like to do it with you eg: join a sports team,going for runs/walks, joining a dance class (try and enter a race for extra motivation), you can join a local gym or any sports, health and recreation center that offers discounted student rates and programs.If you have no one to go with,joining a team or health and fitness centre etc is a great way to make new friends with similar health and fitness goals and values. Whatever you do, find out how you can make it more fun and enjoyable as that will help you, with wanting to do it over and over again. Most importantly remember not to judge yourself or compare yourself to anyone else, there’s always going to be someone fitter,faster and stronger than you. Just make a start and stick with it and focus on your own goals. Because you are unique.

What do you think would make more girls take up sport and recreation?  Affordability, accessibility, fun environment ,diversity,education, positive role models.

How do we make it fun for girls to be physically active? Offer a wider range and varying levels in team sports so all girls can participate without feeling pressured to compete. Listen to what the girls want and how they want to participate in organised sports. Offer FUN programmes lead by the girls under the guidance of some positive role models. 

Are there any sports/recreation activities you’d like to try?  I would love to try anything with a bit of adrenaline rush or risky such as skydiving, bungy  jumping, mountain biking, skiing. I would love to be able know how to dance (hip hop, modern jazz, samba, salsa) fluidly so I can create my own routines and dance everyday as part of my physical activities.

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    So physical activity means a better and healthier version of me!

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      Yes Adelia! It does 😊


    Just make a start and stick with it and focus on your own goals. Because you are unique.

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