Netball is a ball sport played between teams with the objective to score points by shooting the ball through a raised hoop at either end of the court. Played between teams of seven; each player has an assigned position which limits where they can move on the court.

A popular variation to the game is Indoor Netball which is usually played between smaller teams of five and with fewer rules on players positions. Indoor Netball is usually a lot faster, social and is easier to pick up for the beginner player.

Why is Netball good for me?

A high energy, fast paced sport that provides a great workout to help build your fitness.

As a team sport it’s a great way to help you make new friends or get moving with your current friends. With it so easy to pick up the basics of the game, you’ll be having a great time with your friends in no time.

How much does it cost?

Joining a club will come with membership fees so best check with the club for these.

A game of indoor netball can cost around $10 per game during the season.

What do I need to play?

A pair of good trainers is all you need if you choose to play a game.

Find yourself your nearest court and a round ball and start practicing those shots or passes with a friend.

More Information

For more information on where to play Netball around Auckland.