“Give it a go” – that’s Riley’s motto when it comes to being active. Wheels or waves, this HERA girl is out there trying new things and having fun whenever she can.  She thinks that giving girls the option to do sport or activities with their friends might help encourage them to try something new – we definitely agree with her on that one.

What physical activities/sports do you currently do?

Football, netball, karate, swimming, rippa, surfing, riding my bike and skateboard, tryathlon

What are the best parts about being physically active/doing sports?

You get to run a lot; you have fun and get to play with your friends; it makes you feel good

How do we make it fun for girls to be physically active, and try new sports?

Get girls to do it with their friends – make it social so that girls of any age can give it a go and try it out with other girls

Are there any sports or recreation activities you’d like to try?

Hockey and gymnastics


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