Top Tips for Coaching Girls

Coaching is one of the most rewarding jobs in sport! A coach motivates, leads, facilitates, mentors, promotes, mediates, and teaches all in one!

Not to worry though, there is no expectation to be an expert in all these areas all at once. In fact, coaches continue to learn and up-skill their entire coaching journey – and that is what makes a great coach!

Here are some top tips to keep in mind when coaching girls who are new to the activity:

  1. Communicate! Tell them when they are performing well – focus on the positives and beware of the tone of your voice and your body language when doing so.
  2.  Keep developing yourself so that you can grow with them. There are several resources (such as this one!) available to help coaches.
  3. Be empathetic with the girls. No one has a great day every day so don’t shy away from checking in to see how they are going.
  4. Ask for help! If you are struggling with any element of managing or coaching, feel confident to reach out for support from parents or fellow coaches. We can all learn from each other!
  5. Have fun – the girls will love nothing more than seeing their coach smiling, having a go and enjoying the experience!
  6. Set expectations as a team – involve the girls so they own and respect the rules.
  7. Encourage whanau engagement – why not finish every training session with a game against any whanau who are there?
  8. Be yourself, kind, and consistent– no one is expecting you to be a high-performance coach or an expert in coaching young females.
  9. Don’t be afraid to ask the girls questions! What do they want to learn about? Have they got any ideas? Understand the girls and how they feel to make their experience positive.
  10. Find out what they are good at and build on those skills to boost their confidence – focus on building strengths, rather than improving weaknesses.

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